Remote protection and patrol system

Protection of the property of physical and legal persons can be implemented by means of technical control devices and respond by specialized automobile patrol.

The company operates special 24/7 automobile patrols located on the territory of the city in places which are suitable for immediate response to received alarm signal and timely arrival at the client’s site. Instructions are given on daily and monthly basis and the patrolling teams are trained to react promptly to received alarm signal and in case of actual offence against the site under protection. The controllers on duty are professionally trained and by means of radio connection they can help their colleagues from the automobile patrols with information necessary for the particular case. The cars used for patrolling as part of the remote protection system are inspected technically on a weekly basis in order to provide the safety and security of the personnel. Our guards are also trained in the geography of the area and in driving according to the season. The persons involved in remote protection are permanent, grouped in teams and their working schedule does not change. Upon grouping these teams we have taken into consideration the guards’ personal skills and qualities in order to make the members of the team complement and support each other and thus reach higher efficiency in their work.