Physical protection

The protection of the property of physical and legal persons can be implemented by providing the physical presence of trained guards from the company according to an approved schedule.

We conclude with the client a contract for physical guarding. Upon concluding the contract we specify the shifts of the guards and the number of persons who will be included per shift. Thus the number of guards necessary for the contract is estimated. On the grounds of this contract “Ares Group”prepares the necessary contract documentation in compliance with the taxation legislation and the requirements of the Private Security Guarding Act. The officer in charge of the position “Security Supervisor” selects the most suitable available guards. In order to verify their personal qualities, professional skills and readiness to protect the particular site we have preliminary conversation with them. When we are convinced of their motivation and capacity we prepare a schedule for these guards. Initially the guards are instructed in the office and they review and repeat the possible situations which may occur while protecting the public order. Also issues related to working place safety on the guarded site are discussed. After that the Security Supervisor takes the guards to the site to be protected and together with the manager of the site they make a thorough viewing of it so that the guards get acquainted with the routes and the possibly risky places as well as the problems which might occur. The guards get to know the fire alarm system of the site. The manager of the site provides safe and healthy working environment not only for the site’s personnel but for the security guards as well. The manager is responsible for the use of the emergency exits. There is continuous mobile communication between the guards on shift and the Security Supervisor regarding the following: the time of taking over of responsibility by the new shift, condition of the site at certain intervals, visitors – distinguishing between risky and non-risky visitors, transfer of the shift to another colleague or respectively to the manager of the site or to a third party appointed by the manager. If necessary, additional guards are sent to perform the protection task.